8 responses to “Powerless Power of Attorney

  1. AAAGHHHH!!!! After trying to get an illegal charge refunded to my credit card over a period of months and many phone calls with various undertrained and probably underpaid idiots, I learned something. The moment I sense that the person I’m speaking to is hostile or ignorant, either 1. ask to speak to a supervisor who is better trained, or 2. hang up and dial back in hopes of getting someone competent and courteous. (My last call with these people was most of an hour on the phone with three people arguing about how my money should have been refunded only to finally learn that it had, in fact, already been. The first representative was so busy trying to justify her position about why it hadn’t been refunded that she didn’t actually check the file to see that it had…) I feel for you, Judy. It’s bad enough dealing with serious illness, so much the worse to have to deal with half-baked bureaucracy.

  2. Sylvie Stewart

    Judy, your parents are so lucky to have you fighting the good fight of justice for them with what I think is pretty admirable patience. Imagine if your parents had to deal with this on their own…they would have been swindled to the max.

    I don’t blame the poor underlings you have to deal with on the phone, I suspect that they are trained to be the way they are so that customers are taken advantage of to the max.

    Call me jaded, but I think it’s extremely difficult to find trustworthy companies when it comes to funds management or getting refunds.

  3. Judy, I cringed while reading this post. It sounds like everyone went through a lot of trouble to make sure this wouldn’t be a problem someday, and here it is a problem. I hope there are no more unpleasant surprises.

    • Since I wrote that, I learned that the power of attorney does not apply to trust accounts. Unless the new bank was wrong… The unpleasant surprises keep on rolling.

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